Trips across Greece

Trips across Greece

Sightseeing Road Trips, Places to visit near Athens Greece

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The crossroads of all civilizations

No words can describe Athens, the capital of Greece, the birthplace of the great ancient philosophers, politicians and athletes, the city that for so many centuries has been the crossroads of all Mediterranean civilizations. Several of the most significant sites of the world are gathered in Athens, such as the Acropolis, the Syntagma square, and the Panathinaiko (Kallimarmaro) stadium. You should definitely visit these monuments during your stay in this incomparable metropolis.

Take a walk through the alley-ways of Plaka, go to the old neighbourhoods of Petralona, or to picturesque Thisio and you will find the grandeur of old Athens once more. Taste the traditional delicacies and the refreshing wine while sitting comfortably at any small tavern in Plaka, gazing at the enchanting Acropolis. It is worth visiting the impressive Megaro Mousikis (Opera House), to see a sample of the modern European city that Athens is developing into.


The great port


The development of the largest port of Attica started around 1850 and since then hundreds of boats have come and gone every day, transporting merchandise and numerous passengers not only to the beautiful Greek islands, but also to many international ports. if you take a walk through old Castela, you will discover many colorful taverns and quaint squares with traditional coffee shops. Piraeus has several facilities for sports fans and many interesting museums and sites.



The cosmopolitan Athens coast, Attica In this area you will find the most popular coastal suburbs, characterized by beautiful, well-organized beaches and magnificent foliage. Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Cavouri and Varkiza, are only some of the areas we suggest you to visit. You will encounter enchanting beaches full of vivacity, numerous hotel complexes, large shopping centers and sport facilities of all kinds. We also suggest that you visit Cape Sounion to see the majestic ancient temple of Poseidon and to enjoy the remarkable sunset. The Southern coastal regions of Attica offer many restaurants, cafeterias, a wide variety of shops, entertainment centers and intense night life. However, this area is also suitable for people of older ages, as it has a large number of wonderful resorts, where you can relax and recuperate at the hot spring and spas that are well known for their beneficial properties.


Relax in the cradle of nature


Surrounded by the Penteli, Imittos and Paneio mountains and opposite the island of Evia, you will find a seaside region with crystal clear waters and green plains that is ideal for excursions, swimming and savoring delicious food by the sea. Nea Makri, Rafina and Porto Rafti include a large number of restaurants, cafeterias and bars, and their beaches are large, clean and offer all possible services. If you wish to commune with nature, we suggest you visit the beautiful sandy beach of Skinias, located on the edge of a large pine forest and expanding for many kilometres. You will find it to be the perfect place for a tranquil and isolated day trip.


Delphi is located 220 km from Athens and it assembles all the archaeological and historical interests of the Fokida region. During your time in Delphi, you should visit the ancient Oracle of Pithia and the Temple of Apollo, which are built on a hill, offering a panoramic view of the surrounding area and were discovered in 1860. One of the best museums in Greece is the archaeological museum in Delphi. It is worth visiting due to the interesting pieces of ancient art, statues (among them you will see the beautiful bronze statue of Iniochos) and priceless treasures. The traditional village of Delphi has many hotels, rooms for rent and camping sites as well as a large variety of restaurants, cafeterias and bars. If you visit Delphi during the summer, you should not miss the Music and Ancient Theatre Festival that takes place at the ancient theatre of Delphi, which is well known for its grandeur. Near Delphi there are many lovely villages by the sea, like Itea and Galaxidi, but also mountain villages that are ideal for skiing and other winter sports, such as Arahova, located at the foot of Parnassos Mountain.


The birthplace of the Olympic Games Olympia is located about 300 km from Athens and whichever route you choose to take, it will be an unforgettable journey. You travel across Peloponnese, through forested mountains, olive groves, vineyards and orchards. We recommend you stop at one of the beautiful, traditional villages to taste the local delicacies. If you choose the seaside route, you will pass through lovely villages built by the sea. You should not miss the opportunity to see the majestic sandy beaches and the deep blue waters of the Corinthiakos and Patraikos gulfs. Olympia is located in the middle of a green valley, surrounded by rivers with bewildering landscape for as far as the eye can see. The archaeological area of ancient Olympia is one of the most significant monuments in Greece and in the entire world, as it is the birthplace of the Olympic Games, and therefore, the symbol of noble rivalry. The findings of the excavations started in 1829 continue to this day. The temple of Zeus and the museums – where among others, you can view the statue of Hermes of Praxiteles – are of extreme interest to visitors. In Olympia village you will find accommodation, restaurants and anything else you could possibly need.


The magical prefecture of Argolida Located just a short distance from Attica is the stunning Peloponnese region, where you will come across the prefecture of Argolida. This area is ideal for a short, 2-day excursion. Every year, Argolida attracts numerous visitors, not only because of its natural beauties, but also due to its great archaeological interest. Green plains, olive groves and orchards, golden beaches and picturesque villages characterize this rapidly developing area. For many people, Epidaurus and Mycenae are the most interesting places in the prefecture. In the middle of a green, wooded region, you will discover the most distinguished and best preserved ancient theatre, the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus. If you visit the area during summer, do not miss the chance to attend an authentic Greek drama to get a taste of what it felt like living in ancient Greece. The sanctuary of Aesculapius (Asclepius) and the archaeological museum located next to the theatre, are also noteworthy. Epidaurus village is built on a picturesque bay with a golden beach, and it offers hospitable lodgings, restaurants, shops and anything else you could possibly wish for. Mycenae is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece. Its findings testify that this center of the Mycenaean civilization has existed since 3000 BC. Pass through the Gateway of Lions – the entrance of the Mycenaean Acropolis – and visit the ancient city, a symbol of heroic Greece. It is definitely worth visiting the perfectly preserved arched tombs. In the nearby villages, you can swim, taste the local delicacies and experience traditional, Greek hospitality.

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