Ozone Car Disinfection

Ozone Car Disinfection

With the ozone disinfection method, ensure the safe condition of your vehicle, free from any kind of dangerous health hazard! Although our vehicles are always clean with every delivery, this special procedure ensures microbiological level disinfection!

OZONIZE HYGENE AIR is ideal for small or medium-sized spaces such as cars, caravans, hotel rooms, medical facilities, kitchens. It is a portable system, patented and innovative, designed to guarantee the microbiological safety of air, water, the environment and surfaces and thanks to its unique ozone system, it attacks the various organic compounds that oxidize and render them inactive (mites, bacteria, fungi, mulberries, viruses, coronaviruses, for example legionnaires disease or legionella).

The system, thanks to our exclusive innovative European industrial patent, guarantees the production, control and conversion of excess ozone to oxygen at the end of the treatment cycle with full respect for existing legislation.

For more information : http://www.ozonise.gr/

We therefore protect ourselves and those around us by displaying personal and collective responsibility and expect to return to our normality as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

The director of the company
Konstantinos Komninos

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