Greek Diaspora - Omogeneia

Greek Diaspora - Omogeneia

Auto Pegasus supports the Greek Diaspora - Omogeneia
A new reality is emerging.

Time’s a great healer and we, the Greek people, both those of us who live in Greece and the millions of expats around the world, are well aware of the universal values of hopefulness, love, stoicism and solidarity.

Our ancient civilization, our Democracy, our Christian faith and perseverance, are our eternal values.

These are our strengths.

These are the values ​​that fill us with enthusiasm for Life and hope for a better tomorrow.

Our hospitality and simplicity give us joy and our homeland, Greece, generously offers the peace and quiet we all crave for.

The Greeks of the Diaspora keep the enduring spirit of Hellenism alive around the world.

At Auto Pegasus Car Rental, we hold the Greek Diaspora in high regard and are ready to meet your needs and offer you not just a decent car but also a warm smile, personal contact and a big thank you for giving credit to us with your worldwide presence.

Auto Pegasus is not just a car rental company in Greece; it is a connection hub bringing together the Greeks of the Diaspora in the true spirit of Hellenism and a gateway to our common country of origin.

We are awaiting your arrival with special discount rates, always ready to help you choose a car that’s just right for you.

Make a reservation now by completing the form below and take advantage of our special rates.

With Complements,

Auto Pegasus Car Rental.

Konstantinos Komninos

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