Rent a car in Xanthi

Rent a car in Xanthi

Rent a car in Xanthi and enjoy your staying in the city

Xanthi is a city with a colorful and distinctive culture. Over the years, it was the home of many notable personalities that have excelled in various sectors of public and cultural life, such as Manos Xatzidakis (one of the most influential Greek modern music composers), the Archbishop of Athens Christodoulos, and Serif Goren (a famous film director who won the Palm d’Or at the 1982 Cannes Festival for the movie Yol).

Built on the outskirts of the Mount Achladovouno and with the Kosinthos River cutting its urban setting, Xanthi is a thriving modern city that manages to keep intact its rich historical and cultural identity. Nowadays, the city’s local economy is mostly based on the cultivation and trade of tobacco (as is the case with most places in Thrace), the Polytechnic School of Democritus University of Thrace, and the famous and hugely popular Xanthi Carnival that attracts every year tens of thousands of visitors from all over Greece (it is the second largest in Greece, after the Patras Carnival).

The vital role that tobacco trading plays in the city’s identity is evident in most parts. Although Xanthi suffered destructive earthquakes, many historic buildings and districts managed to stay intact over the years, especially most of the old tobacco warehouses that have been fully preserved, reconstructed, and nowadays house public services, art galleries, museums, and cultural centers. Along the Kosinthos River, there are many trendy bar-cafes, while the Vasileos Georgiou Central Square with its beautiful clock is one of most favorite meeting points in Xanthi.

It could be said that the Old City (Palaia Poli) is the most romantic and beautiful Xanthi attraction. Most of the Old City buildings date back to the 18th - early 20th Centuries and were made by very talented Macedonian and Epirote master builders. The well-preserved historic buildings are proper architectural diamonds that excite all visitors. Walking through the picturesque ‘maze’ of narrow cobbled alleyways you will discover magnificent Balkan folklore houses that coexist harmonically with Western-style neoclassical mansions that were owned by the wealthy tobacco traders. In 1976, the Old City was declared a protected historic district, and this safeguarded its original historical and cultural folklore identity. Probably, the most beautiful building within the premises of the Xanthi Old City is the old Town Hall.

It is worth mentioning that Xanthi is one of the most important cultural hubs in Thrace, and its many popular annual cultural events and festivals that attract tens of thousands of visitors from all over Greece and abroad, are the best proof. No wonder why Xanthi is also known as the ‘City of a thousand colors.” A few of the top annual cultural events/festivals include the Carnival of Xanthi (every February), Xanthi’s Old Town Festival (every September), and the world famous Manos Xatzidakis Festival.

For the history/folklore culture buffs, we also suggest visiting the Municipal Art Gallery of Xanthi and the Folklore & Historical Museum of Xanthi. There are also many worth-visiting tourist attractions out of Xanthi. For those fond of religious attractions, there are many Byzantine churches and monasteries scattered in a wide range around Xanthi. The 4 major historical monasteries (Panagias Archageliotissas, Panagias Kalamou, Taxiarchon, and Agiou Nikolaou) form a mental cross that locals believe it protects the city from disasters. Another very popular historical attraction, around 25km from Xanthi, is the archaeological site of Avdira. This is the place where the famous ancient Greek atomic philosopher Democritus used to live and teach.

For nature and outdoors enthusiasts, we suggest exploring Nestos Straits (Stena Nestou). It is definitely a must-visit destination for any adventurous traveler visiting Xanthi and the surrounding area in Thrace, Greece. Around 12km from Xanthi, emerges the spectacular River Nestos natural landscape. Around the Nestos Straits, you will find small traditional and picturesque villages that enhance the beautiful natural landscape with romantic vintage dredgers. The Nestos Straits hiking trails will offer you generously spectacular panoramic views. While in the area, don’t miss the opportunity to book your place to one of the many organized extreme sports activities, such as mountain climbing, rafting, and kayaking.

Concluding, regardless of whether you are planning to visit Xanthi for leisure or business, it is surely a destination that offers a broad range of exciting worth-visiting tourist attractions, including spectacular natural landscapes/ecosystems, beautiful beaches, museums, monuments, archaeological sites, traditional villages, historic districts, and much more. One of the best, most practical, and economical options is to rent a car in Xanthi.

The car rental will give you the freedom to plan your daily excursions the way and at the pace that suit you best, and you will manage to visit and explore more attractions in less time than using public transportation. Auto Pegasus Car Rental is the best value-for-money company when it comes to car hire services in Xanthi. It has a large fleet of excellently maintained rental cars, and on the Auto Pegasus Car Rental official website, you will find the rental car that suits best your needs and budget. For example, if you are planning to explore the beautiful natural attractions, such as the Nestos Straits and Rodopi mountain range, or do outdoor sports, such as kayaking, hiking, and mountain climbing, then you can rent a powerful and reliable SUV or 4x4 that will take you comfortably and safely to any destination, including steep dirt roads.

Xanthi is a destination that can offer you exciting and unforgettable moments. Trust Auto Pegasus Car Rental, the top and most reliable option regarding car hire services in Xanthi, and get ready for the most fascinating road trips of your life!

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