Rent A Car in Thessaloniki

Rent A Car in Thessaloniki

Rent A Car in Thessaloniki and explore the attractions of the city

Thessaloniki! A city that has inspired countless artists, a metropolis with a rich history, a real crossroad of cultures for thousands of years. Built on a very strategic position, Thessaloniki is nestled on the coast of Thermaikos Gulf. From the top of the Kedrinos Hill (Sheikh Sou), the city’s panoramic view gives a good first impression of its well-structured urban landscape where the modern co-exists in harmony with the old in an amazing amalgam of vivid retro memories. Thessaloniki was a vital economic and cultural hub for all of its conquerors (Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Turks), an importance that stays unchanged nowadays, too. Thessaloniki, aka the ‘Bride of the North,' has many unforgettable experiences, images, scents, and memories to offer to its visitors.

Greece’s second largest city combines its colorful multicultural identity excellently, with vibrant nightlife opportunities, fascinating gastronomic suggestions, impressive monuments, world-class tourist attractions, as well as beautiful images that will create unforgettable memories. Thessaloniki is a Greek city that you can only fall in love with.

If you are planning to visit Thessaloniki, then we suggest you to rent a car. This way, you will save a considerable amount of money and time. Plus, you will have the freedom to plan a more stress-free schedule with a larger variety of options. Auto Pegasus Car Rental with its large fleet of well-maintained cars offers very competitive deals throughout the year. By making a car rental in Thessaloniki with Auto Pegasus, you will get the best car at the best price. Make your car rental reservation online and pick up your car when your flight lands on ‘Macedonia’ International Airport. Ready to explore what Thessaloniki has to offer?

We suggest you start your Thessaloniki excursions from the area called Ladadika. Here, you will have the opportunity to walk through narrow scenic roads in a rather picturesque urban setting consisting of well-preserved century-old buildings, loads of traditional taverns and cafes, as well as exquisite restaurants, bars, music stages, and nightclubs. Ladadika is a trendy place for a night out, and it is definitely worth checking. Very close to Ladadika you will find the Aristotelous Square. Generally speaking, this beautiful square is the most popular meeting point in Thessaloniki with loads of shops, banks, offices, cafes, restaurants. Local people love to spend their evenings in the wider area around Aristotelous Square. You can find many organized parking spaces where you can park at a relatively low cost. Other popular attractions close to Aristotelous Square include: the White Tower (“Lefkos Pyrgos”) that is the city’s landmark, the beautiful statue of the horse-riding Alexander the Great, the premises where the annual International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki takes place, and the famous sculpture called “Umbrellas” created by the Greek sculpture artist, George Zongolopoulos. All these and many more popular attractions can be found across the long beautiful seafront called Nea Paralia.

As mentioned above, if you rent a car in Thessaloniki, you will have the opportunity to visit more fascinating tourist attractions in less time. Don’t miss the chance to visit Ano Poli that is built panoramically on the hills above the main urban setting. This area is full of beautiful buildings, amazing churches and monasteries, most of which date from the Byzantine Era, as well as the magnificent castles, Yedi Cule and Eptapyrgio. In many cases, the modern urban setting co-exists harmonically with historical monuments from the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman era, such as the Galerius Palace Complex and the Galerius Arch, Rotunda, etc. Finally, it is worth visiting the many beautiful Christian Orthodox landmarks, such as the Byzantine churches of Agios Dimitrios and Agia Sofia, as well as the Vlatadon Monastery.

Other Thessaloniki top tourist attractions include: Thessaloniki Museum of Photography (Thessaloniki Port), Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation (Agiou Dimitriou), Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Byzantine Culture (Stratou Ave.), NOESIS (6th km Thessaloniki -Thermi), the Roman Market, the Ataturk Museum, and many many more.

Thessaloniki is an incredibly vibrant and multi-cultural city that will fascinate even the most demanding visitors. Except for its many fascinating tourist attractions located within its urban boundaries, Thessaloniki is also very close to loads of nearby beautiful places, such as the spectacular natural landscapes and beaches in Halkidiki, the islands of the North Aegean, etc. Thus, by making a car rental in Thessaloniki, you will have the opportunity to make the most of your time and discover all the known and well-hidden gems that this beautiful city has to offer!

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