Rent a car in Komotini

Rent a car in Komotini

Rent a car in Komotini and feel the freedom of the road

Undoubtedly, Komotini is one of the most beautiful and charming cities in Thrace, Greece. According to the archaeological findings, this area is being inhabited continuously in the form of an organized society for around 2,000 years. The first settlement findings date back to the 2nd century AD, but the city’s boom occurred after the construction of the famous Egnatia Road by the Romans during the 4th century AD. Its strategic commercial position led to Komotini’s growth during the Byzantine and Ottoman era. Being a vital commercial crossroad connecting the East - West (Dirachio - Constantinople) and the South - North (Thrace - wider Balkans area) commercial land routes, made Komotini a colorful and buzzing melting pot of various civilizations and cultures.

Although the wider Thrace, incl. Komotini, had to face loads of tragedies, wars, and destruction, especially from the early 20th Century up to the end of the World War II, people managed to survive and put their cities and villages back on the ‘trails’ of economic and social development. It is worth mentioning that Komotini and other important cities in Thrace put a great effort supporting the devastated post-war Greek economy thanks to their booming tobacco trade.

Nowadays, Komotini is a lively modern city with a very charming multi-cultural identity, a place where Christians and Muslims co-exist and co-operate in harmony. Except for the tobacco production and trade, Democritus University of Thrace is one more crucial pillar of Komotini’s economic and social development. It attracts thousands of students from all over Greece and abroad supporting largely the local economy.

Eirinis Square is Komotini’s central square and the place where ‘beats’ the city’s commercial and social ‘heart.' Here, you will find most of bar-cafes, restaurants, shops, making it the most popular meeting-point in Komotini. For the history and culture buffs, the Imaret of Komotini is surely a must-visit attraction, since it is the oldest standing Ottoman monument in Europe (built during 13-14th Century AD). Another important Ottoman monument is the famous Clock Tower located in Komotini’s downtown, close to Yeni Mosque. Due to its rich history and muli-cultural identity, Komotini is the home of various exciting museums that are definitely worth visiting (Archaeological Museum of Komotini, Museums of Roma Basketry, and the Folklore Museum of Komotini).

May Komotini not be a coastal city. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that the sea is far away. Just 20-30klm from Komotini, you will find the beautiful beaches of Rodopi. Most of the beaches are easily accessible by car and will excite all expectations. Most of the beaches can be found in three main areas: Maroneia, Fanari, and Imero. A few of the top Rodopi beaches include Fanari, Sinaxi, Arogi, Mesi, Marmaritsa, and Kagkeles. What makes these beaches really special is the spectacular natural landscape where the sea co-exists with lagoons and narrow stripes of land that penetrate the sea; what a scenic natural setting that is!

If you are planning to visit Komotini, regardless of whether that is for leisure or business trip, it is good to know that it is a fascinating and charming destination offering generously to its visitors loads of beautiful tourist attractions, spectacular natural landscapes, a broad range of activities, rich history, colourful multi-cultural identity, very friendly locals, and a mouth-watering local cuisine.

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Komotini and Thrace will offer you generously unforgettable moments and experiences, and after the construction of the modern Egnatia Highway, most of the top tourist attractions are easily accessible. Rent a car with Auto Pegasus Car Rental and get ready for the road trip of a lifetime!

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