Rent a car in Kavala

Rent a car in Kavala

Rent a car in Kavala and visit the attractions of the city and nearby areas

Kavala is the third largest city in Macedonia and one of the most beautiful in Greece. Because of its significant geostrategic location, it is a city with a continuous and thriving history of more than 2,500 years. Its coastal and amphitheatrical location, nestled under the mountain Symvolo, made Kavala a very safe and vital commercial crossroad connecting the sea routes between East and West. From the 7th century BC until the beginning of the 16th century AD, the city was limited within the strong walls of the fortified rocky peninsula. Afterwards, the city started expanding outside the walls and with the passing of the centuries got the shape it has nowadays.

Kavala is a very desirable destination where the romantic mysticism of the past blends perfectly with the modern trends of today. Except for its many wonderful bar-cafes, traditional taverns, and hammams, Kavala, above all, is a city with a prestigious historical and cultural identity. For many centuries, especially during the period between the 16th - early 20th century, its port was a world class commercial hub where the tobacco trade was thriving, and dozens of ships were sailing from the Kavala port to various destinations, with their hold full of premium Macedonian tobacco. Thus, Kavala managed to develop a very wealthy and powerful middle and burgeois class.

If you are planning to explore Kavala, we suggest starting your excursion from the Old City (Panagia). Here, it seems like if the time has stopped a few centuries in the past. Via the picturesque alleys, you will get to a few of the top Kavala tourist attractions, including the castle and the Acropolis, the old Lighthouse, the square and the home of Mohammed Ali, the Imaret, and the Halil Bey Mosque. The Byzantine and Ottoman influences are evident in every corner of the Old City creating a very romantic urban setting.

The modern part of Kavala is equally charming as the Old City. Except for the many commercial and leisure districts, many well-preserved historical buildings clearly depict the glorious period between the 19th and early 20th century when Kavala was a bustling commercial port and one of the top tobacco trading hubs in the Mediterranean. A few of the most impressive neoclassical buildings include the Tokou Mansion, the old Girl’s School, the Great Club, the City Hall, the Wix Mansion, and the Municipal Tobacco Warehouse.

Another great pole of attraction and one of Kavala’s landmarks is the beautiful ancient aqueduct, known as Kavala’s Kamares. It was initially built by the Romans, but it was reconstructed in 1550 by the Ottoman Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent. Kamares consist of 60 arches (max height 52m) with the recipient of the water being the castle on the acropolis of the Old City.

If you are planning to visit Kavala in the summer, it is worth mentioning that there are dozens of beautiful beaches that you will come across within the 80km of its coastline. All of the beaches are easily accessible by car, most of them are well-organized and near large settlements and villages. A few of the most popular Kavala beaches include Ammoglossa, Kalamitsa, Batis, Perigiali, Rapsani, Ammolofoi, and Nea Iraklitsa.

Another reason choosing Kavala for your next holiday destination is that it is close to many other very popular destinations, such as Thessaloniki, the small village and significant archaeological site of ancient Filippoi, Nea Peramos, Samothrace, Thasos, etc.

To get the most of your holidays or business trip in the area, rent a car in Kavala seems like a great option. Renting a car has many significant advantages. You will be able to schedule your daily excursions the times and at the pace that suits you best, you will have greater autonomy, more comfortable experience, and the opportunity to visit more popular tourist attractions in less time. Thus, after booking your flight to the Kavala International Airport, ‘Megas Alexandros', you can visit the official site of Auto Pegasus Car Rental and rent a car that suits your needs and budget. The company has a large fleet of excellently maintained cars of any type and size and runs very competitive budget deals throughout the year. Therefore you can rent a car for less. No wonder why Auto Pegasus Car Rental is your top choice when it comes to car hire services in Kavala!

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