Rent a car in Alexandroupolis

Rent a car in Alexandroupolis

Rent a car in Alexandroupolis and explore the city and the surroundings

Alexandroupolis is the largest city in Thrace and the capital of the Evros Prefecture. Its geographical position makes Alexandroupolis an ideal base for daily excursions to the nearby areas that are famous for their unparallel natural beauty and popular tourist attractions that will excite even the most demanding visitors. One of the most fascinating aspects is the colorful cultural identity, a beautiful amalgam of diversified civilizations including those of Greece, the wider Balkan area, and the mystic East.

Generally speaking, Alexandroupolis is a destination that you will need at least a couple of weeks to explore all of its beauties, attractions, and ‘hidden gems.’ Thus, it is essential to have your own transportation. It is worth mentioning that the International Airport of Alexandroupolis, ‘Dimokritos', connects the city with frequent flights to/from Athens, as well as various European airports. Therefore, if you are planning to visit and explore this beautiful part of Thrace, you should consider the option of a car rental in Alexandroupolis. It is a choice with many significant advantages. A car hire will give you a great freedom of scheduling your excursions as you wish, the ability to visit more places in a shorter period of time, and in a more comfortable way in contrast to public transportation options. Auto Pegasus Car Rental is a company that will offer you premium car hire services in Alexandroupolis at very competitive rates. You can easily rent a car online and pick it up from the Alexandroupolis Airport or various other spots in the city. Auto Pegasus Car Rental has a large fleet of excellently maintained cars that ensure credible car hire experience at a very competitive price.

What is worth visiting in Alexandroupolis? The wider area surrounding Alexandroupolis consists of many historical and cultural points of tourist attraction, as well as many beautiful landscapes and beaches. The city’s landmark is the famous lighthouse. It has a height of 18 meters from the ground and 27 meters from the sea level. It was fully renovated in 2002 and is the no1 attraction that you must definitely visit. The spectacular sunset setting will ensure some really great photos! It is also a perfect place for romantic walks by the sea.

Because of its rich history and folklore tradition, Alexandroupolis is a destination that will surely excite history buffs. There are many museums in the city worth visiting to get a better understanding of the fascinating history of the wider area and how Alexandroupolis managed to evolve within a century from a small fishing village to a thriving modern city. The most famous museums in Alexandroupolis: the Ethnological Museum of Thrace, the Religious Art Orthodox Museum, the Historical Museum of Alexandroupolis, and the Folklore Museum of Cappadocians.

Also, Alexandroupolis is located close to the famous Evros Delta, a wetland that is one of the most vital and vibrant ecosystems in Europe. We suggest you visit first the Natural History Museum in Platanotopos Maistrou (about 12km east of the city). There, you will learn about the amazing local ecosystems and visit later the Evros Delta National Park. There are organized bus and boat tours that are definitely worth boarding on. This way, you will have the opportunity to experience the pure magic of the great ecosystem and strengthen your environmental consciousness. All of us, we are responsible for safeguarding and preserving nature!

If you are visiting Alexandroupolis during the summer, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the beautiful beaches that unfold in the 25km of scenic coastline. All the beaches are easily accessible by car, and you can find crowdy and well-organized beaches, as well as quiet and remote ones, too. Regardless of their differences, all beaches have one thing in common. The spectacular view of the island of Samothrace that looks like a huge rock that emerges in the distance cutting the horizon from the sea. Excellent setting for amazing photos! A few of the most popular beaches in Alexandroupolis include Dimotiki Plaz of Alexandroupolis, Kiani Akti, Agia Paraskevi, and Dikella.

Alexandroupolis is a modern, thriving city with very friendly locals, loads of fascinating attractions, buzzing nightlife, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes and spectacular ecosystems. An ideal place to taste the local gastronomic suggestions that will thrill your palate, discover the colorful cultural tradition, and travel your senses between the retro romanticism of the past and the dynamic evolution of the modern. Trust the premium rent a car services in Alexandroupolis that Auto Pegasus Car Rental offers and plan unforgettable road trips that will help you explore and discover all the known and hidden gems of Thrace!

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