Car Rental in Ioannina

Car Rental in Ioannina

Ioannina or Giannena constitute the "capital" and largest city of the Region of Epirus.
It is a beautiful city with picturesque yet modern center, full of cobblestone streets to walk, shop and relax while enjoying a hot drink.
Its climate and location make it the perfect destination for winter, and even better, Christmas breaks but also for summer holidays.
To get around the city center we can say that α car is unnecessary, but Ioannina, because of its location, offers many options for daily trips near the city.
Parga, Sivota, Metsovo, Konitsa and the famous Zagorochoria are just an hour drive from the center of Ioannina and you will definitely need a car to travel to your

Rent a car in Ioannina

The distance and cost of tolls and fuel lead many visitors to choose to travel to Ioannina by plane.
As mentioned above, moving around the city center can be easily done on foot, but for longer distances and sightseeing near Ioannina, you will need a rental car.
Auto Pegasus' network of partners offers a wide variety of cars to rent for your transfers to and from the city of Ioannina, the Ioannina airport and the surrounding area.
Use the form below to get in touch with us, find out about the availability of cars for rent in Ioannina and book yours today!

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