Rent a car Alexandroupoli Airport

Rent a car Alexandroupoli Airport

Car Rental Alexandroupolis Airport

The International Airport of Alexandroupolis ‘Dimokritos’ was named after the ancient Greek atomic philosopher Dimokritos who lived in the small village of Avdira, located west of Alexandroupolis. The airport is located 7km east of the city and connects Alexandroupolis with Athens and various European airports via frequent flights.

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First of all, the city of Alexandroupolis is a fascinating destination, since for many centuries this place has been a cultural and commercial crossroad connecting Thrace with the Balkans and Turkey. Overall, it is a vibrant modern city that within a century managed to transform from a small fishing village to the largest city in Thrace. A few of the top Alexandroupolis tourist attractions include the famous Alexandroupolis Lighthouse, its many cultural/historical museums (the Ethnological Museum of Thrace, the Religious Art Orthodox Museum, the Historical Museum of Alexandroupolis, and the Folklore Museum of Cappadocians), its many traditional fish taverns, bar-cafes, the wide pedestrian walkways. Alexandroupolis is an extrovert and buzzing city, with its main commercial and leisure districts always full with people (especially the area around Dimokratias Avenue and its vertical pedestrian walkways). During the summer the Megalou Alexandrou seafront avenue becomes the ‘heart’ of the social life. Actually, you can enjoy romantic walks across the seafront without being disturbed by cars (during the summer, the seafront avenue is closed to vehicles from evening until midnight).

Very close to Alexandroupolis you will find many beautiful beaches that unfold across the 25km of coastline, most of which are easily accessible by car and well-organized. A few of the most popular Alexandroupolis beaches include Dimotiki Plaz of Alexandroupolis, Kiani Akti, Agia Paraskevi, and Dikella.

For the nature enthusiasts or those with children who want to teach them eco-friendly consciousness and give them a unique ecological experience, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum in Platanotopos Maistrou (about 12km east of the city). There, you will learn about the amazing local ecosystems and visit later the Evros Delta National Park. There are organized bus and boat tours that are definitely worth boarding on.

Concluding, Alexandroupolis is a great destination that will surely excite even the most demanding travelers. Also, it is located close to many nearby Thrace tourist attractions that are definitely worth visiting. Thus, you can use Alexandroupolis as a base to explore the beauties of Komotini and Xanthi, visit the picturesque chapel built on a small island in Vistonida Lake (the lake consists of a vibrant ecosystem; here, you will find more than 300 species of birds), the Byzantine walls and the huge mosque (the oldest in Europe) in Didymoteicho, the traditional Pomaks villages, the unspoiled Chaintou forest in the Rhodope mountain range (most of the oak trees exceed the height of 30m), etc. Alexandroupolis, and Thrace in general, is a destination with many well known and hidden gems scattered throughout a broad region; the best way to explore them is by car.

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